Friday, June 6, 2008

Ride Report (Stinky)

Thursday ride was an eventful one that wrapped up at 11pm. Highlights included lots of wet roots and more than a few dabs, crank removal and suspension overhaul mid-ride, a detour on a new (awesome) trail on the east side, and a new bridge bypass that allowed us to run the bonus loop backwards. Oh and honorable mention goes to a water bottle contaminated with dog feces and a bunch of nice crashes and near misses.

Sunday ride. The bad news is the Sunday forecast is 96 degrees but the good news is that it will be amazon rain forest humid! 90% chance I will miss Sunday's ride (riding down to the Bike Race in Manayunk with Sara). Some free advice: bump up the start time to 8:00 to avoid the heat. More free advice: throw some beers in the creek before departing, then enjoy a nice end of ride soak and rehydration. Please do keep me in the loop - if the 90% does not pan out I may be joining you.

A mid-day ride today is likely today (departing between noon and 1pm) - chime in if you are interested.
Also possible ride tomorrow (Saturday) before the heat hits - again chime in if interested.
That's all for now.


"Keep the rubber side down"
– Anonymous mountain biker

"Hey, where's my rubber helmet?"
- Another anonymous mountain biker

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