Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beware of Dog

Friday happy hour turned out a couple of faces we haven't seen in a while - one of them an original "brat pack" member! A trip over the handlebars did not dissuade him from turning in a good ride, hoping to see more of him now that he's limbered up.

Sunday was a ride Andy would have been proud of - we rode the 8 miles to Sunoco (Skelp Level is a grind and a half), banged around Sunoco for 6 miles, then rode the 8 miles back. Lots of trail work underway there, even found our new biking clubhouse about 100' past the "beware of dog sign" that we elected to ignore.

Note: Slight change to Thursday schedule due to a Lyndenwood Community meeting.

  • Tuesday 630am - meet where Struble crosses Lyndel
  • Thursday 830pm or thereabouts (need a little flex due to neighborhood meeting; let me know if you are riding and we'll keep you posted)

Friday's Brat Packer showed that it is never to late to jump back on (or jump on for the first time), so what is your excuse?


"Scars are like tatoos, only with better stories"


  1. Don't miss tomorrow morning's debrief with Bob on the W101 (he said he's riding tomorrow morning). He finished but said he now officially retired from racing. I'll let him give you the full story...

  2. I'm in. Is Bob biking over or driving over? If he's biking over, we should probably meet at the top somewhere so he doesn't have to dork around on the road or through the hood just to get to the Struble at Lyndel.

    Glad to see you guys used the bike tires to get to Sonoco instead of the car. I'd be really impressed if you said you rode the eastern side and bonus loop then went down to Sonoco. Baby steps.

    Did you see the front page of the Daily Local yesterday? The Shyrock property got the grant from the PA Governor so the land trust thing looks like a done deal.


  3. Let's meet at the boat ramp. Chris, you and I could head out of here at 6:25.


  4. Geeze, everybody scared of a little hill? The same one I grind up every time, stone cold, to meet in Upper. What a bunch of "girly girls" (to quote the governor of CA). OK fine, boat ramp it is. Let's make it 6:35 so we can sweep up any surprise riders (McLaughlin, etc). Andy you can sweep up Lyndel at 6:30, Mike and I will do the same for Kaiser, bring all the riff raff to the boat ramp.

    Bob - We'll be at the boat ramp tomorrow by 6:35am. Hope to see you there.