Friday, July 18, 2008


'twas yet another a spectacular night for a bike ride but near disaster before the ride even began as KO's favorite neighbor decided to show off his red Corvette, mistook the gas pedal for the brake, and fish-tailed his way up Kaiser with tires billowing smoke, popped over the curb (to turf the neighbor's lawn), and finally came to rest in the middle of the road wondering if his fuel injectors had malfunctioned. When last we checked (smoke still clearing) he was still trying to back the dang thing into his garage.

We were expecting a record size crowd (I think we had about a dozen RSVPs) but wound up with half that - still a respectable size group that roughly doubled the customer base when we strode into Chelsy's. So apparently we have a few souls with good intentions who were busy last night paving the road to Hell. Summer is a busy time so a few MIAs are understandable, but we missed your jocularity and hope you can make it happen next time.

Once we rounded up our last rider (new nickname "nipples") we headed off to Chelsy's for a long overdue appointment with Nate. Of course he was his usual gregarious self so after a few pitchers and a round of sluts we left the customary 50% tip and headed home. We did the connector in both directions (slower on the return trip but relatively cleanly, except for one uphill endo). Other highlights of the ride included an emergency dismount on the bridge at the bottom of the Sole trail that left a rider standing upright, on the bridge, with his bike behind him. Also thanks to our lead safety rider diligently calling out the road crossings with "traffic!" or "clear!" or "punch it! ... if you want to!" Of course the "if you want to!" came a little late so the effect was just plain "punch it!" which made that particular crossing pretty interesting.

This weekend is a sweat fest and the riders last night were inclined toward an early start on Sunday, so we will say 8:00am departure from Upper. Hope some of you "good intentioned" guys can get a break from the paving detail and turnout on Sunday for some riding.


"If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong."

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