Monday, July 14, 2008

Diagnosis -> Pain

GP and ENT checked me out from stem to stern, turn my head and cough, snaked a scope through my nose into my windpipe, the whole deal and I am deemed bruised but basically intact. Sara is a little freaked, Ruth is being extremely relaxed about the whole thing (attentive, not preaching because it's not her style and she can see she doesn't need to). Reflecting on this debacle - the fault was entirely mine - if I can't see that my line is safe at the current speed, etc then it is up to me to hit the breaks or whatever. I made the same mistake on a recent morning ride, diving into a turn without knowing what was around the corner (log across the trail, crash, ouch). So clearly a judgement issue on my part that needs some work.


  1. Yikes! I have heard about your fall from several sources, including this morning at the pennypacker swim meet from some of the neighborhood wives. Hope things are healing up well.

  2. Curious what is the general (wifely) view on this?

    "Those crazy Lyndenwood boys, what do you expect from a bunch of 12 year olds?"


    "This is irresponsible and I don't want my husband or the father of my children taking these risks"

    or something in between?

  3. When the subject comes up in my presence, I just try to marginalize you as the lone nut risk-taking rebel that the rest of us are always trying to reel in. Does it hurt more to do an endo/face plant at high speed or get thrown under the bus by your riding partner?

    Seriously, as mentioned by others in emails, you are one of our most skilled and cautious/smart riders, and I think that other wives even know that. So you would think that this would lead to greater concerns among the wives when they hear of your recent falls (“gee, if it can happen to an ace like Chris, it can happen to my less skilled yahoo husband”). But in reality, I think that most of the wives fall into the camp best articulated by Kathy O: “if you go, go big, cause your worth more to me dead than disabled”

    So other than encouraging us to not wear helmets (which they would like to do but can’t), I think they know that they can’t say much about it.