Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Fur Will Fly

Hunting season is coming and a few people asked what this means for us since we spend a lot of time banging around in the woods. So I took a dive into the PA Game Commission web site and learned that you need the mind of Kreskin to decipher all the regulations.  I do NOT have the mind of Kreskin but following is my attempt at a summary (this is all true, I am not making it up):

The fun starts on September 20th with the opening of archery season for deer.  The junior hunters get going with squirrel season on October 11.  Things get really interesting on October 18 when the muzzle loaders enter the picture with open season on deer, and finally on October 23 the fur really starts flying when disabled persons and residents on Coast Guard active duty jump into the deer season fracas.  Finally the gloves come completely off on December 1st when bear season opens.  Of course woodchucks and opossum are always in season, except until noon daily during the spring gobbler turkey season.

The news is not all bad though:
  • I do recall hearing that guns at Marsh Creek State Park are limited to shotguns which I suppose have less lethal range than rifles but would still leave a mark.  If anyone could confirm or deny this, it would be a nice additional tidbit of information.  
  • I have not been able to confirm but do believe that hunting at night is prohibited.  I think that is brilliant.
  • Not ALL of Marsh Creek State Park is open to hunting.  Apparently the state has concluded that the areas immediately adjacent to the snack bar, the swimming pool, and the bathrooms should NOT be open to hunting.  Again the wisdom of our elected officials is readily apparent here.
  • On Sundays the citizenry is permitted to stroll about their state park lands without fear of being accidentally hit by a stray bullet (unless you happen to be in Philly, Wissahickon for example, in which case the bullets fly 24x7).
So what does this all mean?
  • Wear orange and make lots of noise.
  • Morning rides are probably winding down in the next few weeks so if you want the experience better jump on now.
  • Night rides cranking up soon - getting dark earlier and no fear of being shot (crash into a tree yes, but shot in the head no).
  • Sundays have been and continue to be an all around great day for a mid-morning ride.

"Better to wear out than to rust out"

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