Sunday, September 21, 2008

The "Other" Equinox

Welcome to Andy Doble who joined for his inaugural ride with us today.  Todays ride included both sides of the lake and some impromptu trail maintenance work on the bridges leading to the lakefront trail.  That stretch between the two bridges was getting pretty sloppy, will see how it holds up...

Registration is now open for the November 9th Fall Classic mountain bike race at Marsh Creek State Park.  Plenty of time to tune up man and machine and what a great excuse to spend a nice crisp November Sunday at the park with friends and family cheering you on.  This is a very low key family friendly event.  Get off the fence, put $30 worth of skin in the game, and show your kids that the old codger still has some game.  

The sun passes directly over the equator tomorrow (9/22) at 11:44 EDT.  It is heading south so that makes it the Autumnal equinox (vs Vernal which we celebrated with a Happy Hour ride last March ).  From that point forward the nights will outlast the days but you can have the last laugh if you strap on a light and join us for the weeknight rides.  And since the archers have now taken to the woods (and the Coast Guard on their heels) we will say goodbye to the scheduled morning rides and take our chances with Rob's night time 'coon poachers... We will ride on Tuesday and Thursday night but will play it loose with the departure times so let me know if you are interested in a particular day (along with any time preferences) and we will lock in the details with all interested parties by 5:00pm on ride day.  


"Take the long cut, we'll get there eventually."

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