Sunday, September 14, 2008

Road Biking for a Change

BIG weekend for cycling:

BikePhilly was a chance to bike, car-free, through and around Philly on Sunday.  Every type of ride imaginable was there for the start at the Art Museum - gearies, single speeds, recumbents, tandems, tandem recumbents, recumbent tricycles, handcycles, and even a tandem bike with "kidback " for the 8 year old stoker in back.  The 8:00am start was awesome with about 10,000 bikes (my guess) cruising down the Avenue of the Arts past city hall on the way to the waterfont.  We finished shortly after 10am (20mile loop) and were home and showered by noon.  This is a great family event, I would highly recommend it for next year.

We also had some competitors at the MarshMan Triathlon this weekend.  I have not received the "full color" report but I understand our contingent enjoyed the refreshing romp in the water, turned in some respectable times, and are definitely looking forward to next year.  Maybe Mike can chime in with some "color commentary" on this event.

Yet another great family event is just around the corner - the 35th annual Marshalton Triathlon.  Don't let Mike's stories about the MarshMan scare you off.  This is a 1000% low-key family event that involves biking, walking (running prohibited), and paddling (downstream, canoes are provided).  A few of us did this last year and had a good time.  It is very popular so if you are interested you should register ASAP.

Weather looks pretty good for this week.  I am traveling on Tuesday so will probably do a morning ride on Monday.  If anyone wants to rally a Tuesday ride just jump in...  So to start we would have the following:
  • Monday morning 6:30am
  • Thursday evening 7:30pm - sunset around 7:15 so bring your lights.

"Just remember, when you're over the hill, you begin to pick up speed." 
- Charles Schultz

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