Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clarity from the Cloud

I recently added a tag cloud to the mo7s blog. This triggered some observations which I think are pretty interesting:

Race is by far the most frequently used tag with 26 postings.  We are neither terribly frequent nor terribly successful at racing so this is very odd.  Apparently we just like to talk about it, I guess that makes us "enthusiasts."

Debauchery is pretty big with our crew, but Dave (19) and Jim (18) are each way ahead of debauchery (13).  Of course we have multiple daves (at least 4) and multiple jims (at least 2) so I suppose there is some tag teaming going on here.  Debauchery is safe for now.

Crash is pretty big (19), but I think that is mostly older postings from when we felt immortal. Few of us feel that way anymore (I sure don't).

Politics just has 1 posting, but that's probably a good thing.  No religion yet but just a matter of time I am sure.

Fleshtone Tights (1) doesn't display as prominently as it should.  Whoever has them (you know who your are and so do we), maybe those puppies should come out for a reunion tour?

Chelsy's (13) equals debauchery (13).  I think that should be our new motto.


P.S. We need to crank up a Chelsy's ride before too long so we can test our new motto.  Maybe next week once temps moderate a little because I know that some of you Nancies don't like the cold.

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