Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Potent Combination

Do you know what this means?  

It's from Accuweather and it means the days of constant rain and sloppy trails are coming to an end and that next week we'll be zipping along on firm dry singletrack again!

And not a moment too soon because I for one have been in a nasty tailspin since Thanksgiving. The crappy weather has seriously limited any riding opportunities and I personally filled the void with a potent combination of cookies, eggnog, and Wii Sports. Nothing to be proud of there.  

But opportunity for redemption is on the way.

Consider this to be your official heads-up that some really prime grade-A winter riding conditions are around the corner.   Ask any of the regulars who rode through the last few winters, and they will tell you that yes it can be a push to get yourself out of the house and into the cold after dinner, but I don't think anyone ever came back from one of those rides wishing they had stayed home instead.  


Go ahead and ask around. 

Because the cold really isn't a factor if you're dressed right and the engine has been stoked for 5 minutes or so.  The riding is awesome and it is really rewarding to be playing outside in conditions that most people find completely intimidating and debilitating.  

Get pumped!  Don't be debilitated!


P.S. Snow is in the forecast for Saturday so stay close to your email in case we rally a last minute snow ride.  The snowy forecast also bodes well for the Sunday morning ride, 9am as usual.  

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