Saturday, January 17, 2009

Skin in the Game (but not Exposed)

Temps during last nights ride fell through -14C. That is a mere 259 degrees above absolute zero - the hypothetical and physically unattainable point at which all molecular motion stops. Seven riders seized this rare opportunity to test the limits last night. Some highlights:
  • One rider (the first one to put skin in the game) ironically turned out with absolutely no skin exposed (chickenhead and ski goggles). Oh, and wearing a Steelers Jersey.  
  • Our digital thermometer that was strapped to the handlebars of our team meteorologist froze up early into the ride. How a digital thermometer "freezes up" is beyond me but one would suppose it has something to do with the cold.    
  • The fleshtones were reportedly in use but this time as an under layer, not an outer layer. Probably best for all concerned.
  • No ride of this nature is complete without a crash. It the entrail delivered for us mid-ride with a very loud thud. The victim swears it was a soft landing but I assure you the ground was not soft last night - perhaps the extra clothing or the numbing cold was a mitigating factor.
And as predicted, the first 10 minutes did really suck (ok, maybe the first 15) but it is still amazing how the body acclimates and you reach a point where you could seemingly ride 
indefinitely in  that stuff - it is actually the stopping that becomes the problem.  

At any rate we seized on the opportunity and now the polar express is departing and leaving behind some prime grade-A riding conditions for next week (teens at night, low 30s during the day).  That doesn't suck even a little.

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  1. All y'all are sick SOBs (Studly Old Bikers, of course) and I applaud both your fortitude and your insanity! Keep it up and keep making the rest of us look like the woosies we are! ;o)
    Ride One or Ride None!