Friday, January 23, 2009

Crap Shoot

Dry and sunny this weekend:
          • Friday low 27F - Conditions on Saturday morning questionable.  
          • Saturday low 13F - conditions on Sunday morning should be excellent
I have family in town this weekend, so if I can ride on Saturday then I may hang up the cleats on Sunday and make it a family day.  Riley is as dedicated as they come, maybe he will put something official on the schedule for Sunday since I can't.  

It's a crap shoot but I will likely try a ride on Saturday morning.  But if it's a slop fest I will bag it and reconsider Sunday.  Let me know if you are interested in shooting craps with me on Saturday.

From the rumor mill department:  The next Marsh Creek State Park race may be at night, and may feature an endurance event in addition to the normal fixed distance format.  If you guys thought the last race was a nice change of pace, then this has got to get you pretty excited.  Who knows if they can pull this off but God bless them for trying.   

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